Arranging your Funeral in advance

Some people may feel the need to make sure that all of their wishes regarding a funeral service for themselves are arranged in advance with the Funeral Director. This is a very good idea as it allows the opportunity to ensure your wishes are recorded and it relieves other family members from the burden and worry of making arrangements at the time a death occurs.It is possible to provide instructions for absolutely every aspect and/or option for a service, or it may be preferable to cover just the major points, leaving some detail for the family to arrange at the time of the death. Generally, though, it is better to leave full instructions particularly regarding information required for the registration of death, burial or cremation instructions, notices, floral tributes, etc.

At the time of providing the instructions, Ian J.Arthur & Sons will give a written quotation of costs for the services required, however, it must be remembered that the amounts in this quotation can only be held for a specific period as it is possible that costs may increase in the time between providing the information and the time that the death occurs.

If full arrangements are made in advance it is advisable to notify your family of the details so that all family members are well aware of your wishes and are able to action them when the death happens. This means that at the time the death occurs, all the family need to do is to confirm the arrangements, negotiate the day and time of the service and sign the necessary applications for either burial or cremation.

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