Burials & Cremation

In Australia today the numbers of people choosing cremation are steadily increasing. Whilst there is some variance between states and territories, cremations now outnumber burials. Cremation funerals are much higher in city areas where crematory facilities are available. Rural and remote regions predominate in burials.People have a choice of either burial or cremation. In certain cultures cremation is not favoured (or may be prohibited within the relevant faith belief), for example Judaism.

In other cultures the opposite may occur with cremation being the custom, such as in the Hindu tradition. It is a matter of personal choice. Future trends may see higher instances of cremation due to increasing limits on cemetery space within or convenient to population centres.

Within the burial or cremation options, there are other choices. Apart from the selection of a particular cemetery or crematorium to be used, a family may wish to consider the various options for the final resting place of the deceased. For example, graves may be of the traditional monumental style with a headstone or plaque memorial.

A lawn cemetery where only plaques are allowed, or placed within a mausoleum or vault.

Cremated remains (ashes) may be placed in one of many options including a niche in a wall or garden at a crematorium, or of course may be taken away and kept by the family.

Here are some examples of Cemeteries and Crematoriums that we use :

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