Australia / Singapore travel bubble

Normally millions of people travel between Singapore and Australia (or vice versa) each year. In 2019, the busiest international route in and out of Australia was between Melbourne and Singapore. Four of the ten busiest routes in and out of Australia in 2019 were to and from  Singapore.

According to Australian Government statistics, 5,890,913 passengers flew between Australia and Singapore in 2019. In that same year, there were 24,714 flights between the two countries with an average load utilization of 83.9%. Multiple airlines flew the sector, including Qantas, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Jetstar, Scoot, and Silk Air.

As we start to break out from the COVID-19 epidemic, Senior Government officials are a currently discussing a mid-year travel bubble between Singapore and Australia.

Repatriation services between both countries has not ceased, and if the requirement does occur during these difficult times, Ian J. Arthur & Sons can still successfully coordinate the repatriation of your loved one back to their country of origin.

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