Registration of a Death

When a death occurs in New South Wales, it must be registered with the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages within seven days of burial or cremation. We register the death electronically on behalf of the family or executor.To complete the registration, we need to lodge certain information about the deceased, including:

  • Surname and first names
  • Gender
  • Date and place of death
  • Date of birth
  • Place of death
  • Usual address
  • Usual occupation during working life
  • Marriage particulars (place, age, marital status and full name of spouse)
  • All children of the deceased (names, dates of birth, ages and genders)
  • Full name of both parents (including genders, occupations and mother’s maiden name)
  • Burial or cremation details

A Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (issued by a doctor or by an order of the Coroner) stating the cause of death must also be supplied when registering the death. The law stipulates that the information above must be provided to the best of the knowledge of the informant. Of course, this information is treated as private and confidential.

Approximately 2 weeks after this registration takes, place you will receive letter via Registered Mail containing the Death Certificate.

There is also a helpful page which enables you to contact organisations about a death. It is supported by all Australian State Governments and Territories together with many major financial institutions.

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