Eulogy Presentation Tips

In my latest video blog I outline 9 tips for presenting a eulogy.  These are practical snippets of advice that will help you to get through the difficult role of giving a eulogy and also will help your audience to get the most from your presentation as well.

G’day I’m Chris Cullen and I’m the Friendly Funeral Guy. Today I’m going to give you 9 tips for presenting a eulogy. It can be a very emotional experience giving a eulogy and so these 9 little snippets of advice will assist you to do the best job that you can for the person that you love.


The first 5 points are things that you can do in preparation. Point number 1 and this is the only thing that I’m going to say about content, early in the eulogy, include something humourous. It will help both the audience and yourself to relax a bit. The 2nd point is that you should type up what you are going to say and print it out. That way if you find it too difficult to continue, either the celebrant or someone else can read it for you. The 3rd thing is to take a bottle of water. You might find that nervousness means that your mouth gets very dry, so being able to take a sip of water will help. The 4th point is to take some tissues or a handkerchief. During the eulogy you might find yourself getting a little bit emotional and you need to blow your nose. So be prepared in advance. The 5th and final point in preparation is to ask someone to stand with you. They will give you some moral support and just be there so you don’t feel like you’re on your own.


The next 4 points are things that you can do, actually while you are presenting the eulogy to make it a better experience for everyone. 1st of all, if there’s a microphone available, PLEASE use it! I know when you hear yourself through a PA system it sounds different to you, but to everyone else it just sounds like you, except that they can hear you! And that’s really important so that they are a part of what is happening as well. Tip number 2, while you are presenting is, if you are confident enough, look at people. That helps them also to feel that they are a part of what is going on and it helps to engage them. However, and this is point 3, if you are finding yourself feeling like you are going to cry, just focus on your notes rather than looking at people, and read slowly but clearly. The 4th and final point is, if you do find that you start to cry and get emotional, that’s ok! Everyone knows that its a difficult time and that its very sad. They’ll be quite happy to wait for you to compose yourself. So stop, take 3 deep, long breaths and then start trying to read your notes again.

I hope this helps you to present a really great eulogy for the person that you love.

My name is Chris Cullen and I’m the Friendly Funeral Guy for Ian J. Arthur & Sons.